More people live in slavery today than ever before.

40 million people live in slavery today according to the Global Slavery Index. 50% of victims are children. We must do something about this.

Redeemed with Purpose exists to raise awareness on this fact and to encourage consumers to make a difference by adding their voice in demanding an end to this injustice.

Our business started with redeeming belts and turning them into cuffs. We loved the symbolism and the reminder that lives can (must) be redeemed from sex slavery. We have expanded from there offering a variety of styles while keeping the message the same.

As a business our goal is to give away as much as possible while protecting our valuable time and family commitments. We are committed to donating 50% of net proceeds to carefully chosen frontline charities devoted to redeeming lives. We partner with businesses who share our vision and who are willing to only take a 10% processing fee on sales and donate the rest to Redeemed. 

New charity will be announced September 12th. Fall line launched September 13th. 
Thank you for your support, for sharing on social media and for adding your voice to end slavery once and for all.


p.s. Purchasing our jewelry should not replace actual donations given directly to charities. Let's be honest donations go much farther than a purchase. We encourage you to do both if you can! Thank you :)

Past charity:
June 2017- June 2018 SA Foundation

July 2018 - August 2019 Mully Chilren's Family Foundation